Thabazimbi Resort

Our Bela-Bela Resort is currently underway but we are sadly not able to reach our March 2019 set date for completion. But we are excited to announce that our Bela-Bela operations will be moved to our newly developed site in Thabazimbi Limpopo. Approximately 2.5 hours drive from Johannesburg using the R511 and R510 route to Thabzambi, this farm is worth the drive. The size of the farm is approximately 1200 hectors of game farm, home to about 20 species of mammals roaming our bush camp. This includes among the list; giraffes, zebras,impalas, bucks, wildebees and many other phenomenal creatures.

The Thabazimbi Resort is able to accommodate up to 100 learners and teachers on our lodge accommodation and additional guest accommodated in tented chalets on the farm. We have a variety of activities to choose from making our farm the ideal campsite, for long period camps. Our farm has various safety features and 24 hours security patrol of the premises to ensure that our campers are safe at all time.


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