Teen Adventure Camp (Bela Bela)

There is no better way to end off the year than with our Teens Adventure Camp. This fun filled 4 day camp at our Bela Bela Resort promises, days of endless adventures, great talks, and motivation towards inspiring future leaders.

This camp’s purpose is to inspire confidence and self-esteem in teenagers and give them a head start competitive advantage towards their peers.

All our programs continuously challenge individuals to think outside the box, improve on their problem-solving skills, sparkles creativity and challenge the narrative thinking. Teens Adventure Camp promises more than just 4 days of adventure. But a platform to inspire self-confidence and self-esteem in teenagers.

Details of the camp

  • Date: 18-21 June 2019
  • Cost: R1975.00 (All inclusive)
  • Transport: From Gauteng (Only)

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