Maverick Campaign

Solving the problem of unemployment in the country requires action across all sectors to do two key things: create more jobs and give young people the skills and confidence to fill them. At First One Adventures we we saw a need to empower young people with skills and a mindset to be problem solves, hence the establishment of Teen Entrepreneurs Connect (TEC). A fun teenage program that enhances the spirit of Entrepreneurship among young people.

Teen Entrepreneurs Connect relies on the support of a wide network of partners and supporters to ensure that young leaders from around the Africa can participate in our bootcamps and join the teens development network. 

Our bootcamp, comprising of a 5 Day learning and adventure program, followed by a 12 month interactive learning and development program, through our connect network.We aim to have as many young people be part of the programme, but we will need your help to do so. We therefore humbly request that you donate as little as R450.00 to the program, and as a thank you from our side, we will ship an amazing “MAVERICK” sweater to you.