MTN Bushfire

Join our tour bus with 11 other exciting fun spirited individual on our MTN BUSHFIRE road trip package. Our package promises a experience filled with great friendship and a whole lot of camping adventures under the warm skies of Swaziland.

MTN Bushfire is more than a festival, it’s a living, breathing ecosystem deeply rooted in African soil, yet inclusive and welcoming to guests from all over the world. This uniquely African, and yet globally infused festival experience welcomes thousands of people in an atmosphere of tolerance and passionate commitment to music, the arts and the environment. Every year, approximately 29,000 guests hailing from 58 different countries converge on the peaceful Malkerns Valley for an energizing and uplifting weekend that celebrates the music and arts of Africa and beyond.

Cost includes:


-Tented Accommodation at the Event

-Event ticket

-Daily Breakfast

-1 X Welcome Braai

Our tour package is independent from the event organizers.

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