HeadStart Camp

What another way to start of the year than on our HeadStart Camp. This 4 day filled with adventure, friendship and great prospects for the year ahead is a must go for every teenager out there. The camp will only take place at our Bela Bela Campsite so make sure you book on time not to miss out on this fun exciting 4 days of absolute fun and crazy adventure.

The objective behind HeadStart Camp is to prepare young people for the year ahead. Our camps seek to help youngsters find their tune, build self-awareness and self-confidence to face challenges as their camp. Our learning objective has a strong emphasis on innovation, inspiring teamwork, leadership engagement and channeling creativity to solve problems.

7-10 January 2020

Age Group

Our camps are split between ages 9-12 and 13-18-year-olds to ensure safe inaction of learners with peers in the age group.

  • Camp 1: Ages 9-12
  • Camp 2: Ages 13-18