Booking Policy

First One Adventures Booking Policies

1. Our departure addresses:

First One Adventures will pick you up at the place mentioned on your booking information.

Please note that the time given is an actual departure time, and First One Adventures expects you to be at the departure point 20 minutes prior to departure.

2. Tour prices:

First One Adventures will not change a tour price after a client has confirmed the tour booking. However, advertised prices may change without prior notice.

3. Payments:

You will be required to pay the full price as specified to First One Adventures (if booking directly with First One Adventures), or a minimum of 20% deposit or full payment to an agent (if booking with an agent), to confirm any tour booking. Credit cards that we can accept are Master card and Visa card. Please note: There will be an additional 5% credit card handling fee added to all credit card payments.

4. Luggage:

You must understand that luggage space is limited on tour, and therefore you are allowed one large backpack, a day pack, camera bag and sleeping bag. All luggage and personal effects are at the client’s risk and First One Adventures cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to these items. It is further the responsibility of the client to see that he or she has all his or her luggage when he or she gets of the vehicle at the end of the tour. It will further be the responsibility of the client to collect lost or forgotten luggage or personal effects from the First One Adventures office. First One Adventures will not drop luggage off for clients who forgot luggage in a camp or in the bus.

5. Cancellation of a tour (by First One Adventures):

The right to cancel any tour is reserved by First One Adventures, in which event all payments made to First One Adventures and / or our agents will be refunded in full.

6. Cancellation of a tour (by a client):

The cancellation of a tour must be done in writing to First One Adventures.
Refunds will be done as below, in the event that a client might cancel his / her / their booked tour with First One Adventures.
0-2Weekspriortotourdeparture: Norefundwillbegiventotheclient/clients.
15 to 30 days prior to tour departure: 50% refund will be given to the client / clients, less
10 % deposit paid on booking.

31+Dayspriortotourdeparture: Afullrefundwillbegiventotheclient/clients,less10 % deposit paid on booking.

7. Cancellation of activities (by a local operator or sub-operator):

First One Adventures do use local operators and sub-operators in Botswana and Zimbabwe where entering national parks, in order to comply with the tourism laws of these countries. First One Adventures does not have any control over the managing and operations of these local operators. Therefore First One Adventures will refund clients the price of any activity that is included in the First One Adventures tour price that might be cancelled by a sub-operator who is operating the activity. First One Adventures will not entertain refunds for loss of enjoyment where activities operated by sub-operators and not by First One Adventures, have been cancelled by the sub-operator or when a client was unhappy with the product and

service thereof. However First One Adventures will do everything possible to find an alternative sub- operator to operate the cancelled activity.

8. Age Group

First One Adventures does not impose an upper age limit. However clients under 18 years of age need to be accompanied by a guardian and tour bookings will be accepted at management discretion.

9. Insurance:

Each client who booked a tour with First One Adventures must have personal comprehensive travel insurance covering cancellation, curtailment, medical, emergency trail and personal Accident.

10. Malaria:

All clients doing a tour to Kruger National Park, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique, or any other malaria area with First One Adventures, or a First One Adventures sub- contractor must take a course of malaria prophylactics as prescribed by a doctor. An insect repellent is also recommended.

11. Visas:

Visas are excluded from any and all tour prices. It is the responsibility of each client to make sure if he / she needs a visa for the countries visited while on tour, and if he / she must apply for the visa in advance, or if he / she can obtain the visa at the border post when entering the country or countries. First One Adventures will not provide any further transport, assistance or alternative arrangements to any client who cannot enter a country because of not having the correct visas required. Botswana do not issuevisasatborderposts,whichmeansthatclientsmustapplyforBotswanavisasinadvance,if needed. Many nationals can obtain visas for Zimbabwe at the border post when entering the country. It still remains the responsibility of the client to ensure. See in new Tab) for detailed visa information.

12. Change of itineraries:

First One Adventures will only change a tour itinerary when it is in the best interest of the client or clients. Tour itineraries are flexible due to changes in local conditions, which include strikes, war, weather, political instability, riots, lack of accommodation availability, lack of activity availability, vehicles that broke down while on tour and any other conditions where it will be in the best interest of the clients on tour. These changes may happen without notice, depending on the conditions.

First One Adventures does from time to time make permanent itinerary changes to tour itineraries, to suit the needs of clients, to include an activity, or when experiencing problems with places of accommodation or sub-operators. Permanent changes will be emailed to all our agents, and the website will be changed to the updated itinerary. It remains the responsibility of the client to make sure of the itinerary that he or she will be doing. See First One Adventures website for updated itineraries.

Livingstone Trails will not be responsible for charges such as visa fees, in the event that First One Adventures changed itineraries within reason. Vehicles may change from time to time, in order to accommodate services and breakdowns. No refunds will be offered or given.

13. Personal injury while on tour:

Clients should use common sense while on tour to avoid personal injury. First One Adventures will not be held responsible for injuries or the cost thereof, to any client or clients where First One Adventures did not have control of the situation. The above includes clients walking into objects, falling over objects or slipping in wet conditions. First One Adventures will further not be held responsible for injuries or the cost thereof, to any client or clients while on an activity with a sub-operator or while on tour with a sub-contractor of First One Adventures. Each client that booked a tour with First One Adventures must have personal comprehensive travel insurance covering medical, emergency trail and personal accident.

14. Accommodation on tour:

First One Adventures is a budget tour operator that offers twin share bedded en-suite rooms and camping tours, with the option of upgrading on the day. Bedded accommodation means clean and comfortable rooms


at destinations where the tour will be for that evening. First One Adventures offers 2 to 3 star lodged or hotel accommodation on the scheduled tours, due to the budget nature of our tours. For camping tour upgrades, First One Adventures will pay the camping rate, and the client or clients will pay the balance direct, in the event that the clients want to upgrade on tour.

15. The nature of First One Adventures tours and safaris:

First One Adventures offer budget 2 to 3 star lodged and camping tours of an adventure travel nature. However, First One Adventures offer a high standard of vehicles and equipment while including as much as possible. All clients on camping tours tour agree to participating in certain chores, such as doing the washing up, assisting with cooking if required by the guide and keeping the vehicles and trailers rubbish / trash free. Clients will pitch their own tents when arriving at a campsite, and pack tents away when leaving a campsite.

16. Photographs and video material

First One Adventures reserves the right to make use, without giving any notice, of any photograph or film produced by First One Adventures, or any photograph or film emailed or given to First One Adventures by any person, or added to our Face book pages by any person, without payment or permission.

17. Exclusion of liability:

First One Adventures, or its employees, or its agents, shall not be held responsible for any accident, illness, injury, loss, or death, or delays, from any cause whatsoever sustained, or suffered by any person, or theft of, or damage to any property, which might occur during the tour. Any claims arising shall be subject to South African Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the South African courts.

18. Damage to First One Adventures property:

If any client damages First One Adventures property such as camping equipment, vehicles, trailers etc. on purpose or through negligence, the client will be held responsible for the cost to repair or replace the damaged property. This excludes wear and tear which First One Adventures accepts can happen.

19. The law:

The client or clients agrees to comply with the laws and regulations of all the countries visited while on tour, and comply with all reasonable instructions of the trip leader, driver or guide relating to the safety and organization of the trip.

20. Language:

All correspondence and tours are conducted in English unless booked otherwise.