About Us

First One Adventures is a platform for young people to learn, grow and be developed in a safe and health learning environment. We believe in the youth of Africa and have a dedicated playground in the heart of Africa’s bush to facilitate positive learning, through innovation and creativity.

Our development programs includes; life coaching, leadership training and entrepreneurial skills development programs for  the youth through the use of adventure as a learning platform. Our programs are diversified, which include among others Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Nature conservation and team building activities.

Our youth are the future leaders and we acknowledge and the importance to equip them with the necessary skills and mindsets they need to be self-sufficient, transform society and shape their future.


To be a value based campsite providing physical education focused on the development of young people to their full potential.


  • By providing a camping experience designed to equip young people with essential life skills and coaching
  • Prioritizing safety, yet giving the best adventure experience