Why First One Adventures?

In the city and the urban life back at school, with heads buried in piles of homework or deep in a scarf, kids can only reminisce about days spent diving, splashing, hiking, running and relishing sunny days at camp. Schools in the United States realize the importance of an active lifestyle, outdoor activities, and independent living for children, camps are becoming an integral part of summer vacation.

Traditionally school camping in South Africa has become more about bunk beds in mass dorms, food provided for the sake of kids having something to each and a bunch of activities to entertain learners while at camp.

First One Adventures has shifted from the narrative of school camps, providing world-class facilities to enhance campers’ development, embrace friendship among learners, young skilled team of facilitators, delicious healthy meals, challenging innovative activities and comfortable sleeping facilities to ensure our camps are well rested while at camp with us.

Below are 9 reasons why you should choose First One Adventures for your next camp:

  1. All our operations are offered with quality and comfort as the centre of our offerings.
  2. All our activities are well thought and designed to challenge participants to think outside the box, inspire innovation, apply problem-solving and promoting teamwork.
  3. Our camps operations embrace nature conservation and installing such a heart to our campers
  4. Our campsites properties are situated in the heart of Africa’s bush, giving campers a safari experience
  5. We serve delicious healthy meals, during our camps.
  6. First One Adventures is managed and facilitated by youth with the heart young people, resulting in extreme energy during our camps.
  7. First One Adventures is strong on leadership development and embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  8. Teachers love our camps, and we are popular among the Cambridge and IEB schools network.
  9. All our dorms have air cons, for those warm summer heats in Limpopo.

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